Synthetic Turf for the finest in Artificial Backyard Putting Greens

Great Oaks Landscape works with Greenskeeper Golf – Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, Michigan putting greens, turf & golf landscaping featuring Putters Edge™ exclusive PAR™ Synthetic Turf
for the finest in Artificial Backyard Putting Greens

Great Oaks Landscape can work with the putting green experts at Greenskeepr Golf to incorporate a putting green into your landscape design to create a professional quality putting green and short-game practice area for your own backyard or office…. Suddenly, short game practice is fun, easy and quickly rewarded by your new lower scores on Greater Detroit golf courses!

Your golf buddies will turn green, while you happily take their green!

Greenskeeper Golf proudly provides greater Greater Detroit with the finest professionally installed synthetic putting greens using Putters Edge “Pure Absolute Roll” (PAR) Turfand our exhaustively tested and refined installation methods. We’re talking about a golf practice system far more advanced and realistic than your average backyard putting green… Ready to live a Golfer’s Dream?

Then transform your home into a custom, personalized practice facility. You’re ready for the finest synthetic putting greens, chipping mats, artificial turf and specialty golf products – exclusively from Greenskeeper Golf.


Putting Green @ 150 W. Jefferson Detroit, MI

Contact us today! (248) 349-8555


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