Great Oaks Landscape is Michigan’s premier design-build landscape company, offering high-end design, flawless installation and impeccable maintenance. We have the largest, most experienced, versatile staff of landscape architects, designers, horticulturalists and installation experts in the industry.

Great Oaks Landscape has raised the bar for luxuriously landscaped properties. Commercial and residential projects alike benefit from our ability to envision both the grand design and the smallest detail. From conception and design to installation and year-round maintenance, we are uniquely capable of delivering sophisticated results. Great Oaks Landscape continues to excel because of a shared commitment to a single idea: creating the most breathtaking outdoor spaces imaginable.


Our Philosophy

At Great Oaks Landscape, our passion for what we do drives us to become the best. We believe in a core set of values that have differentiated us from other design-build landscape firms. We believe in attention to detail, unrivaled customer service, and efficiency. Our goal is to not only create the most visually pleasing and innovative designs, but to create a landscape that exceeds your greatest expectations.

Most importantly we believe in open and proactive communication. We are here to help and educate you/our customers through the landscape process. We strive for the highest standards of professionalism – knowledgeable staff, impeccable design, and attention to every detail of installation. Our goal is to leave the customer saying “wow.”


Our Process

At Great Oaks Landscape we strongly believe in building a strong relationship through trust and consistent communication. The initial consultation involves an onsite meeting with the client, where we will listen to client’s ideas to get a grasp of their tastes and preferences, and gather a quick overview of the sites potentials and constraints.

Our award winning landscape architects take their cues from the existing natural setting, site conditions, the style of existing architecture, and of course, the desires and lifestyle of you, the client. With teamwork and a vast portfolio of ideas, we develop a concept that is unique to your site, innovative in its design and functional in its execution. At Great Oaks, we don’t just create a design; we live and breathe your project until it becomes a completed piece of art.

A good design is just a pretty piece of paper until it actually comes alive. While our talented staff of designers can create each and every aspect of your outdoor space, we can also work with your landscape design professional to install your landscape to their exact specifications. Experienced project managers, trained horticulturists, skilled craftsmen and equipment operators – all experts in landscape installation – come together to make every Great Oaks project a work of art.

At Great Oaks Landscape the process doesn’t stop with the installation of your landscape. Our certified Horticulturalists and Arborists are here to keep your trees and shrubs looking beautiful and healthy. Our job is to create a landscape that maintains its integrity for years to come and flourish within the sites conditions.




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